Passover: Behold the Lamb ➡ Understanding the Powerful Significance of Passover
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Passover: Behold The Lamb, John Daugherty, Heart of God Israel

Passover: Behold The Lamb


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More and more believers in Yeshua are coming to understand the powerful significance of the feast of Passover. Author John Daugherty brings out even more hidden meaning and symbolism in a way that will renew your excitement for the Feasts of the Lord!


We can deduce from this then that the Passover and its rituals, as detailed in Exodus 12, speak to us of Christ! He is that Lamb that was set aside from the 10th day of Nisan (first month) unto the 14th day, being scrutinized (examined) by the religious leaders of His day and found blameless.


He is the Lamb that was slain so His blood could provide protection for all who put their faith in its protective power. He is the Lamb whose bones the Roman soldiers did not break, “that the scripture should be fulfilled, ‘A bone of Him shall not be broken‘” (John 19:36).

John Daugherty

John serves as a congregational leader of a Messianic Jewish congregation in Tucson, AZ. He has a deep love for his Jewish brothers and sisters, and for the Hebraic context of our faith. John considers discipleship as one of his chief concerns and he works to make disciples of Yeshua (Jesus) through example, counseling and teaching the Hebraic understanding of our faith. John and his wife, Yvonne, live in Tucson, AZ, along with their two wonderful children.


All proceeds go directly toward funding Heart of God Israel’s work in support of God’s people Israel. For more information, you can contact us here. Please bookmark this page and return often as more studies are being published and made available to you. If you have questions about any of the material, don’t hesitate to contact John Daugherty directly; he will be happy to respond to your questions!


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