A Light to the Nations
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I feel a passion for Israel…not just a passion to reach Israelis, but a passion for something specific. I believe Hashem has called Israel to be a “light to the nations”. And, I don’t believe that calling has ever changed.


In the Scripture, we see over and over again where God says His truth will go forward “from Israel” to the nations. Yeshua began this work when He sent out His apostles to the nations to make disciples. Now, that work has gone pretty well. There are disciples of Yeshua all over this planet! Unbeknownst to most of them, they are all now grafted into Israel!


Unfortunately, however, most of them see themselves as a replacement of sorts, or as another entity along with of Israel. The truth of the matter is, they are joined WITH Israel and are now a part of the Israel of God.

John Daugherty

We are ALL called to be a light to the nations, but we have to keep in mind the overall big picture — WE (Gentiles) have this calling because we have become partakers of THEIR calling! It’s the calling of ISRAEL to be a light to the nations! It’s the calling of ISRAEL to spread the fame of Adonai throughout the world! So, Hashem began to stir up in me a desire to not only go into Israel and help support the messianic communities and reach out to the unbelieving population there, but He put in me a desire to urge Israelis to become missionaries! I want to see men and women from Beersheva and Arad, from Akko and Tel Aviv, from Jerusalem and Bethlehem go out to Uganda, Haiti, India, Pakistan, and beyond, etc. I believe with all of my heart that this is Hashem’s intent for Israel in these latter days. I believe that Israel is going to reach out once again to the nations in a concerted way.


“This is what Adonai Almighty says: b’yamim ha-hemah asher yai’hatziku asarah m’kol l’shanot ha-goyim v’hechetziku biknaf ish yehudi l’mor ne-le-kah imakem ki shama-nu elohim imakem (In those days, ten men from all languages of the nations will grasp the ‘biknap’ [used of the tzitizit] of a Jewish man saying, We will go with you for we have heard that God is with you)” Zechariah 8:23.


I believe that it’s part of Heart of God Israel’s destiny to help facilitate this prophecy. I want to see men and women from Israel among the other nations of the world teaching the Word of God to the people of God in those nations. I believe that this will bring the Jewish/Gentile brotherhood back into the Body of Messiah in a great way!


Imagine seeing young Jewish men teaching to Ugandans or Kenyans or Sudanese under a tree in the bush of Africa. Not only would that be phenomenal for the Africans to lay their hands on a Jewish man and hear the Torah from a Jewish believer, but the effect on the Jewish believer would be incredible! Imagine the stories he would return to tell his Jewish neighbors—that he just spent two weeks in Africa teaching believers about the Torah and they were hungry for it! The effect that would have among the messianic community in Israel, and eventually to the non-believing community would be amazing.


I don’t know any other way to put it than to simply assert that I believe Hashem has given me this desire to facilitate this work in the last days. Now, to clarify for the sake of clarity, I’m NOT saying that WE aren’t supposed to go to the nations. WE are!! But WE are because WE’VE been grafted into THEM, and it’s THEIR commission (long before the Great Commission was spoken!). It would be a shame for US to do this work, and leave THEM behind! WE (HGIM) need to grab THEM (believing Israelis) and say, “Come on, Hashem’s made an appointment between you and some Haitians/ Africans / Indians / Pakistanis / etc.” Then we take teams of Jews and Gentiles and head to the nations as a unified voice!


Will you partner with us? We have a work to do and every day that passes without making a concerted effort to fulfill this mission is a missed day of opportunity to unite the Body of Messiah.


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